Brick & Block Work

This is the core service of our business. Lesterose has 40 years experience of providing brick, block and architectural masonry services throughout the construction industry and has a team of highly skilled and motivated people who work directly for us.

We can cover all types of brick work e.g. refurbishment, new construction, architectural, contemporary, historical; whatever the requirement maybe, our teams are well versed in the various types of brick, mortar, bonds and construction methods. Our teams are always keen to take on the more complex projects and see this as a way to show case their skills and experience.

The same applies to our blockwork services and again we are well experienced in working with all types of block sizes, strengths, qualities, densities. Please refer to our Architectural Masonry page for more information where blocks can be used for external finishes.

Lesterose are also well versed in the use of glass blocks although this isn’t one of our core services.